What is Toltec?


Toltec is an ancient spiritual philosophy and practice dating back to the continent of Mu or Lemuria located in the Pacific Ocean. It is and was the basis of thought, practices, philosophy, healing and enlightenment of Lemuria, Atlantis, Babylon, New Egypt, Taoism, Buddhism, Mayan culture, Aztec culture, Aboriginal tribes of New Zealand,Australia, Africa, South America, Central America, Native American Shamans, Hawaiian Kahunas and many more through out history and the present. There are currently around 167 Toltec Masters world wide who are working with the light.

Toltec philosophy shows us:

 How to find our true selves and learn the nature of our destiny. A path of releasing all social conditioning, to embrace our personal and spiritual power, freedom and truth. Teaching us how to master our energy, thoughts, feelings, and intent, to change our lives and the world around us. Nothing we truly believe is real, sense perception changes reality. Thus change a perception, change your reality.

These practices open our mind and spirit to who we are as energetic beings in this and other infinite dimensional realities. We learn to live in the moment and create our joy through awareness of what we project. What we project and create in our minds are the very things we manifest for our lives.

  • To walk the journey of the toltec;
  • One judges no one including themselves;
  • Speak and feel with loving thought and intent;
  • Do not attempt to control others, expect change only from yourself;
  • Other people’s ill feelings and views of  self holds no truth, so take nothing to heart;
  • What we think ,say or feel creates and manifests in this and other realities so be aware of the consequences of all projections;
  • Assuming creates conflict and worry but is not based on truth;
  • Worry is a useless emotion which creates stress and unhappiness,the future is now not what fear can create;
  • No matter what emotion thought or action always do the best you can in each moment;

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